4 Tips for Keeping Your Bills down This Winter

Winters can be a nightmare on your energy bills. Prevent significant increases in your bills by following these easy and clever tips.

Check your House for Insulation Problems

Have your house checked for leaks and insulation problems before the winter months. Seal in leaks in air ducts and have them cleaned, insulate the attic access door and check the over-all quality of your in wall insulations. You may also want to have a look at your roof to see if any of the heat from your heater is escaping through damaged roofing.

As it is, heating already accounts for 40% of your energy bill during the winter. Losing that precious warmth because you didn’t care to check whether your insulation is working or not is going to cost you much more money than you’d expect.

Go Crazy on the Cling Wrap

Invariably, some of the heat from inside your home will leak out through window edges or through doors that don’t completely come in contact with the threshold. The same goes for the cold air that is coming into your house. To avoid this, seal in the edges of your windows and doors (the ones you don’t use all the time) with cling wrap. Simply lay the plastic wrap over the edges and seal them in using the warm setting on the blow dryer.

Invest in Programmable Thermostats

When you’re at work and the kids get to school, how are you really keeping the house warm and toasty for? Invest in programmable thermostats so you can program it to be at the ideal level during the times when you are at home and to lower the level during the hours you spend out of the house.

Let the Sunshine In
Crank-up the Fireplace and the Furnace

In order to cut down on heating costs, why don’t you get your furnace or fireplace cranked up? This is a great idea for keeping your home warm during parties or during exceptionally cold nights. The ideal temperature your thermostat should be is 18-20 degrees. Every degree above that will cause a 10% increase in your electric bills. A great way to avoid paying that while still bringing on the warmth is by firing up the fire place.

If you don’t intend to use the fireplace all winter, maybe you should cover it up. Because the fireplace is so open, you are actually losing a lot of the heat from inside your house through your fireplace. To keep this from happening, purchase a chimney balloon. These things cost an average of $50 each but can save you at least $100 a year form your savings.