There will be a time when you have to get your AC duct replaced. However, it is not an exercise you would have to indulge in every now and then. There are certain factors or reasons that will compel you to replace your AC ducts. Let us discuss them first.

  • Your AC ducts may be concealed or visible. If they are visible or if you can reach them, then you can check for dust, dirt and debris. You can also check for mold. If they are concealed, then the problems would not be so obvious. However, you would experience inconsistent cooling. The air flow may be affected. There could be noise in your ductwork. You may witness a spike in your energy consumption because the air conditioner is consuming more electricity for the same level of cooling. Before inferring that it is a problem with the ducts, you should get the air conditioning system inspected to be sure that the appliance is working fine.

The first step is to get your duct inspected. A professional would physically inspect your duct. If it is concealed, then there are special tools to grab video footage of the ducts so one can identify assert the problems. Once this inspection is done, there are a few potential inferences.

  • One, the professional may recommend a thorough cleaning. Two, the duct may be beyond cleaning and it may have to be replaced. Metallic ducts are usually cleaned and they are good to go. Plastic or more fragile materials can be cleaned but if there is mold growth or some kind of contamination that cannot be undone, then you have to get the duct replaced.
  • The first part of AC duct replacement process will involve identifying the kind of ductwork you wish to opt for. You may opt for the same material or you may wish to upgrade. You may want to stay with a concealed duct or you may want to redo the design. Whatever is your choice will be binding on the technician. It is quite possible that you may opt for a concealed duct instead of one in the open right now.
  • Once you weigh your options, get the quotes and decide which one you should go ahead with. Bear in mind the need for ductwork to be well insulated and compatible with the air conditioner you have. A duct is supposed to facilitate the functioning of HVAC systems and that is its all-important utility.