Residential and commercial air conditioners in Killeen have the same job. They must cool the interiors, get rid of moisture and ensure that the ambience is pleasant according to the settings chosen by the user. However, the units and the way these air conditioners work is not the same and thus you cannot have a residential AC technician in Killeen repair a commercial AC. Let us explore the fundamental difference so you get to know why you should always hire a commercial AC technician for your business or workplace.

  • The first difference is the appliance itself. Not too long ago, window air conditioning systems were used in homes and offices. Now, offices tend to have central air conditioning systems or packaged ACs in Killeen. Homes have moved to split air conditioners. Now, a central air conditioning system will have every component packaged into the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit will have the compressor, condenser, evaporator, blower, condensate drainage and the condenser fan. The indoor system will just be ducts blowing in cool air and allowing adequate ventilation to suck out the warm and moisture laden air. Compare this to a split air conditioner at home and you would find the compressor outside, the blower inside, the condenser outside and the evaporator inside, the condenser fan outside and the condensate drainage in the indoor unit. The very appliance is different so you cannot have an expert in one cater to the repair of another.
  • Residential air conditioning units in Killeen are mostly installed next to the windows, behind the house, beside it or at the ground level. Commercial air conditioners are usually installed at the roof. This saves space at the workplace level and it also does away with the noise. Having the units up on the roof allow repairs and maintenance without hampering the operations of the business. The very fact that the locations aren’t the same also requires a distinctly different set of skills and expertise.
  • Finally, commercial air conditioners in Killeen are made and installed in a way so that you can add extra units if you want to increase the capacity. You can also scale it down. Air conditioners used at home don’t have this ability. You can increase the capacity of cooling in your but you would have to buy a new unit. Commercial units can have add-ons and you would have an increased capacity. The repairers or technicians must be trained in handling modular units to repair commercial air conditioning systems.