Air conditioners must be serviced regularly and they should be well maintained. An annual servicing is the least you should invest in. When you have a new air conditioner, you don’t even have to think of replacing the system. There are warranties and air conditioning systems that can easily last up to a decade. Unless you are buying from a company in Killeen that isn’t a brand and makes poor quality appliances, you are safely looking at a lifespan of twelve to fourteen years. But there are unfortunate instances and very old air conditioning systems in Killeen are better replaced than repaired.

Let us consider the scenarios when you should consider getting your entire AC system replaced in Killeen.

  • Consider the age of the system and what kind of repairs you have to invest in. If you find the repairs to be costing a few thousand bucks in Killeen then there is no reason why you should go for repairs and not replacement. In some cases, the repairs would cost just a few hundred bucks and that may resolve every problem. Such scenarios don’t demand a replacement. However, there are other factors that you must take into consideration.
  • Let us talk about the common issues that will compel you to invest in repairs or you may think of replacement. Leaking coolant, the need to refill the coolant, the compressor going kaput and the system not working for some component failure are the common concerns. If you just have to replace the coolant, then you don’t need to replace the entire system. If you need to replace the compressor, then that is worrisome. Compressors cost a lot of money and you should do the math if repairing makes more economic sense or replacement. In case the coolant is leaking, check if replacing the coolant will solve the problem. If the leak persists and cannot be remedied then you cannot just replace the coolant. You should replace the entire unit.
  • You should observe the performance of the air conditioning system before you choose between repairs and replacement. Your energy bills may have shot up, you may have paid for repairs for more than once or twice in the last few months and there may not be any warranty on the subsequent repairs necessary or as recommended by the technician. In such cases, you don’t have any option but to replace the unit. You cannot keep paying for repairs when investing just a few thousand bucks will get you a new unit or get the whole system replaced. You would also save up to a fifth of your energy consumption when you replace the entire unit or get a new one.

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