How often do you clean your browser history, delete the cookies and run a scan for viruses, malware, adware and spyware? In all likelihood, you have some antivirus software that proactively keeps your computer, laptop, phone and possibly your tablet delivering optimum performance. Everything you use needs to be maintained. Right from the water purifier to the water heater, the microwave to the grill, you have to clean and maintain every appliance. Why should your HVAC or AC in Killeen be any different?

The real question is not if you should conduct HVAC or AC maintenance in Killeen but how often you must do it. We at Artie’s recommend regular HVAC / AC maintenance in Killeen. And what we mean by regular is a seasonal cleanup, servicing and preventive maintenance. Should you have a problem with your HVAC in Killeen, you would anyway have to get it fixed. You could also get the appliance serviced and maintenance during repairs which will do away the need for the next scheduled maintenance. If you ask us what is the ideal approach to maintain your HVAC or AV then we would say, have it serviced and repaired if necessary before summer and then once in fall. That should be sufficient if your HVAC is in otherwise good condition.

Let us now check a few factual reasons why you should get regular HVAC / AC maintenance.

  • If you have spent money on repairs and on service then you know the difference. Repairs can cost hundreds of dollars in some cases. Maintenance is affordable. When you can avoid spending hundreds of bucks by just ensuring a timely service, why should you not take such an approach?
  • Let us assume for a second that your HVAC / AC is in great working condition. It doesn’t need any servicing and that it doesn’t need any repairs. Even if everything looks great, you don’t know the exact condition of the filter. With ageing systems, you don’t know the level of coolant. In effect, your AC may be failing to prevent the particular matter from being circulated in your home. Your AC may be consuming a lot more power because the compressor is not in optimum condition or perhaps the coolant is running out. The only way you can know if these are the cases is if we conduct regular or timely maintenance.

The cost of not indulging in regular maintenance is alone a good enough reason. When you also consider the impact on health and environment, it becomes imperative.